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Woda Pure Micro-Filtration Unit
Woda-Pure provides bacteria free water
at home, for drinking and cooking
ideally suited for private water systems
Unlike conventional reverse osmosis systems, WODA-PURE preserves all the valuable minerals contained in drinking water!

WODA-PURE - reliable technology - MADE IN GERMANY!

WODA-PURE 3 Steps to safeguard perfectly fresh drinking water

Step 1: removal of dirt particles, undesired discolorations, bad odor and clorine by a high-performance activated carbon filter in inline design.

Step 2: protection against bacteria by efficient inline microfiltration actual filtration efficiency of 99,99%

Step 3: hygienic safety from contamination by special fiber membrane.

Convincing retention rates of e.g.:

pesticides / herbicides 98%
insecticides 98%
Technical data:
flow max. 200l/h
preassure loss approx. 0.5 bar
service life max. 6 months or 9000l
max. stat. pressure 6 bar / PN 6
Shipping volume: disposable activated carbon cartridge, tap, connecting hoses

WODA-Pure can be wall- or floor-mounted directly under the kitchen sink. Minimum space requirement compared to conventional cartridge filters or reverse osmosis systems. The disposable high-performance membrane is easy and quick to change.

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