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H2O Quality Control Plus

142.50 (VAT Included)
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Water testing experts Acorn Water provide this fast and professional service followed up by post test advice and recommendations.

Heres how our water test works

1. Purchase Water Test Kit from Acorn Water and await delivery.
2. Complete the form inside and apply one barcode sticker(supplied) to the form.
3. Fill bottle to the BRIM with water, apply barcode sticker to the bottle and place it back in the box.
4. ReturnPost completed form and sample making sure the box is well sealed for postage.

Your water is analysed to a professional standard- self test kits are only indicators, professional laboratory analysis of your water is 10 times more accurate than DIY kits. Find out if your water is dangerously contaminated.

We test for 10 different pollutants.

Nitrates - Blue baby syndrome
pH - Green discolouration of hair/fittings
Turbidity - Discoloured/muddied water
Total Alkalinity - Scaling/breakdown of appliances
Iron - Red/Brown staining
Hardness - scaling/breakdown of appliances
Manganese - Red/Brown staining
Sediment - Blockages (e.g. shower heads)
Total Dissolved Solids - General indication of water quality
Conductivity - Hampers filtration

Bacteria analysis covers:

Total Coliform - an indicator of pathogens
Faecal Coliform - indicator of faecal contamination
Total Bacteria Count - after periodic intervals at 37 degrees Celsius.

Please refer to www.acornwater.ie/laboratory_analysis for a full list of what we can test for both residential and commercial customers.

On receipt of your water samples our on site lab will start their work. Once we have completed your tests your results will be sent to you and our advice lines will then be open to you for assistance or advice you may need.

Council grants of up to 75% for your water filters may also be available. We can advise you in this regard.

Please Note The Water Test Kit Plus is Only Available In Ireland
Click here for the Water Test Kit available worldwide

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