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H2O Quality Control - laboratory water testing

86.50 (VAT Included)
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Fastest turnaround laboratory water testing service.

1. Post sample bottle to laboratory
2. Receive email notification of results online
3. Download report and advice

Your water is analysed to an ISO accredited labarotory standard: 10 times more accurate than DIY kits. Find out if your water is dangerously contaminated.

We test for 10 different pollutants.
Nitrates - Blue baby syndrome
pH - Green discolouration of hair/fittings
Turbidity - Discoloured/muddied water
Total Alkalinity - Scaling/breakdown of appliances
Iron - Red/Brown staining
Hardness - scaling/breakdown of appliances
Manganese - Red/Brown staining
Sediment - Blockages (e.g. shower heads)
Total Dissolved Solids - General indication of water quality
Conductivity - Hampers filtration


Bacteriological analysis is 55 extra. Only available in Ireland.

Comprehensive list of test kits available. All kits received are analysed by an accredited lab.

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